My decision to seek the position of Mayor came about simply because I have had enough!

Enough of long City Council meetings – with prolonged regurgitations of “Political Speak”.
Concerned citizens, waiting to address the council, leave because of the late hour.
Enough of inaccurate, inflammatory, innuendo-laden statements made to the media.
This is a severe disservice to the good people of Carbondale.
Enough of public and private threats to the job security of our city employees.
This is extremely unprofessional and demoralizing. Would you want a job where an elected official repeatedly states to the media, that you are overpaid, work in “silos” and are “dysfunctional”? What do they say in private conversations?
Enough of a city council person interfering with the detail of day-to-day operations of the city.
The City Manager/Council form of government is really quite simple.
The Mayor and City Council, with input from you and I, define the goals of our city, set policy and implement a budget. They also hire the City Manager.
The City Manager hires the staff and together they see to the daily operations of the City within the guidelines set by the Mayor and City Council. The City Manager answers to the Council as a whole – not to one disgruntled council person individually.
Enough of unfunded initiatives.
With a budget where spending exceeds revenues City council members should not be advocating building cricket fields and skate parks funded by New Taxes. Especially since the Carbondale Park District already has such facilities.